At last night’s city council meeting in Centreville, new Mayor Terry Morton called the meeting to order. The opening invocation was led by Don Mack. The pledge was led by Calvin Elliott. After the opening pledge and invocation, Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer led the swearing in of the new mayor and city council. After the swearing in of new officials, Mayor Morton noted that the city council needed to establish the city council meeting dates and times, and that in previous years these were the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 5pm. A motion was made by Don Mack to approve continuing with those meeting times which was seconded and approved unanimously by the city council. Next Mayor Morton moved to establish the new check signers for the city. Previously, the check signers were Mike Hobson and Ken Cottingham. Mayor Morton proposed that the new signers be himself (Mayor Morton) and Megan Batte. This motion was seconded and then approved by the city council. Finally, Mayor Morton made a motion to adjourn the meeting and that motion was seconded by Don Mack.

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