Based on the latest information from the Alabama Department of Public Health and the CDC, the City of Centreville has elected to offer services by appointment only at City Hall, beginning on Wednesday, March 18th.

Police will remain on their normal schedule and will respond to emergencies, as usual.

If you need a walk-in report filed with the Centreville Police Department, you may call (205) 926-5052 and an officer will assist you over the phone and/or the Bibb County Non-Emergent line (205) 926-1985.

If you need a copy of a police report, please email or call 205-926-1999 and/or 205-926-5052.

Centreville Water will only accept payment via drop box, mail, or online. Envelopes have been provided for those wishing to drop a payment. If customers would like a receipt there are a few options for obtaining proof of payment.;

1: -Click on the link at the bottom TO PAY UTILITIES ONLINE. While this does give you the option to pay you can also view your bill and payment history, Please allow a few days for the system to update.

2: You may leave your email address and we can email you a copy of your receipt.
Emails regarding the water department may be send to


Department Contact Information:
Municipal Clerk (Tickets, Fines, Reports, Warrant):

205-926-1999 or 205-928-1151

Water Dept:

205-926-9561 or 205-928-4258

Street Dept:

205-926-4995 or 205-928-4258

City Clerk (Business License, Building Permits):

205-926-4995 or 205-928-1101

Police Department:

205-926-5052 or 205-926-1985

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