I wanted to update and provide information to our citizens here in Centreville. The COVID-19 virus pandemic that our nation is going through is an invisible enemy to all citizens. Listening to our President and health officials on a daily basis we must understand that we are in this battle together. Our community truly is a great place to live,work, and raise our children. This enemy has changed the way we are living and is constantly changing on a daily basis. We as a city need to realize that our residents must continue to practice safe distancing, keep washing our hands frequently, and to continue doing the necessary precautions to keep ourselves, families, and our workforce safe. Please keep yourself updated and informed daily on the situation around you.

If you have been by City Hall recently you may notice we are making changes to better serve out citizens to keep them and our employees safe. The city is utilizing Capital Improvement funds (Allowed for Capital Improvement Use Only) to update our facilities to better serve our community. Our first project that we are currently trying to install is a drive-thru to where our customers can have access once again to City Hall in some capacity.

Stay Safe & God Bless.

Terry Morton

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